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What i do

Sakis Batzalis is a photographer that residents in the dreamy island of Lesvos in Greece. What defines and makes his style special and unique is his ability to create cinematic pictures with specified references to the world of fashion in combination to dynamic architectural compositions.

The Light Itself

One day you wake up as a twelve-year-old child, forced to change things and the perspective of your life, especially when your entire living was so beautiful and carefree. This might not be easy! Questions like "why did this happen to me" may seem difficult to answer or understand with... "yes, she was meant to be the special one, to never leave you, but still..." Then there comes the embracing of Light, always there to remind you that everything may seem destroyed, but can be tamed and reborn again and again until it perishes once again. Never forget that Light itself may be pure gold... Its up to you to redefine it and bring out the best of it!

~Sakis Batzalis

Behind The Scenes


1st Place in Wedding Album 2011 IN GREECE Third Place in Wedding Album 2012 IN  WPPI LAS VEGAS Third Place (1st Half 2013 IN WPPI LAS VEGAS) 1st Place in Open 2014 IN GREECESecond Place in Wedding Album 2014 IN GREECE7 Silver Distinctions IN WPPI LAS VEGAS MASTER OF WPPI