Are you ready to take your business to the next level? This is the right place to be.

If you having difficulties in becoming a better photographer Sakis will help you to get there.

  • built photography portfolio
  • improve your aesthetic
  • learn photography composition rules
  • feel confident for your work
  • become a better photographer
  • manage any light source
  • get wise to posing tips & techniques


Sakis succesfully educates and mentors professional photographers for the past years while he continuous to become better in his own wedding and portrait photography business. He educates photographers through large seminar groups between 20 to 50 people , private workshops with smaller groups consisting 8 to 14 people and personal mentoring for 1 to 3 people. For more details on booking one of the above, fill out the info request form below.

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What photographers are saying

" met Sakis Batzalis for the first time in London and i have attended two of his workshop and I am looking forward to the next one. Hi is a great person and excellent photographer teacher. I have learned alot from Sakis and i'm very grateful for this. Sakis Batzalis is a database of aesthetic and photography technique and he knows how to tranfer all this in your mind. I'd definitely recommend to anyone getting lessons from Sakis Batzalis. Many thanks!!!  "
- Michalis Vogiatzis
"Honestly I followed the work of photographer Sakis Batzalis on the internet and decided to visit his workshop. What is what first impressed me, it was that he was responding to messages, and be available at any time on any information.Light and the background is what he presented in the simplest way and what we use today to 99% shooting. Stay tuned for more work Sakis Batzalis and will follow in 2013. Thank you.  "
- Milan Zlatkovic
"I was watching Saki Batzali's work for a long time because I liked his very special point of view in each photo he shoots. For me is one of the best wedding photographers and his work is a continious source of knowlege. I had also the chance to know a different side of Sakis during one of his photography workshops. His way of teaching and the passion he shows about photography, won me immediately. It is very important to meet the creator that beyond his work, he also impress and makes the difference with his charismatic personality. Direct and contagious, Sakis Batzalis is a great photographer who, with his artistic creations, sets very high limits to the art of photography.  "
- Dinos Kapetanos
"Sakis besides a very good photographer is a man who earns immediately as a friend to both the character and the professionalism of him. From the moment that we met Sakis he inspire us to work on photography in a different way. He can pass you anything he knows without "secrets", with easy techniques and ready to use them.Continued to transmit your knowledge to us! Thank you for everything!!!  "
- Ismini Koufou
"NO photoshop it's Sakis motto. Ididn't believe it till I met him. Till august 2012 to Budapest when I attended the workshop with Sakis I considered my self a decent wedding photographer. The workshop with Sakis changed my perspective regarding posing and lighting the subject. Talking about weddings, because from this part I earn my money, the workshop with Sakis helped me to double the price of the final product. I learned in 3 days a lot. It had taken years for me to gain the experience which I learned from Sakis in 3 days. I am glad I met Sakis and learn from him wedding photography and a lot more… I was amazed about his ability to teach and show us all he gain in years of professional photography. He has No fear to show us all his secrets.Thank you Sakis for sharing with us your experience and for your true answers at all our questions. I am waiting to meet him again. See you soon Sakis! "
- Valerica Gutu & Cristian Gutu
"During your life it is said that you meet 50000 people and from those people there are 1-2 that will change your life and the way you think. Sakis is one of those people for me. I have attended both his workshops in Romania and he opened my eyes about photography. He changed the way I think and gave me a good view over how I should find the perfect light. Together with his photography skills, he is also a good mentor and open person. We have remained friends after the workshops and he always helped me and answered my questions. Thank you!  HYPERLINK  "
- Mihai Buta
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